Microsoft vs. Apple

The battle for supremacy for top computer company has been going on since apple started creating desktops.  Obviously Microsoft was the first to arrive and has held much of the computing world hostage by forcing users to use their programs, and file formats.  They have dominated most of the internet making videos wmv formats so even if you have a different OS you still must use a windows program in order to use the file.


With Apple now expanding their operating system and creating new ideas such as time machine to help users save their work and create duplicates of their files every so often.  Also with Apples cornering the market with the iPod and iPhone leaving Microsoft scrambling to come up with their own rebuttal.  Since Apple seems to be creating more ideas faster and better than Microsoft can copy them, Apple seems to be on the rise faster than Microsoft can shut them down.


With all of these items coming out and Apple gaining a lot of users switching over from Windows, and Vista taking a step in the backwards direction do you think Apple could/will become the more dominate company?  The more used operating system in America?  Or is it inconcievable at this point to think that Apple could take Microsoft’s place on the internet or even globally?

8 Responses to “Microsoft vs. Apple”

  1. Martin Pilkington Says:

    Few points:

    1. Microsoft wasn’t the first to arrive, MS was founded first but Apple released a computer and OS before MS did. Apple was also first to release a GUI based OS.

    2. Apple has managed to make Quicktime pretty popular as well on the web, though Flash is really starting to take over online.

    3. Vista isn’t actually a step backwards but a step forwards, people are just so opposed to it because they’re used to Vista. Yes Vista has issues, but I’d like you to show me a large software project that has been flawless.

    4. Apple will never overtake MS in terms of marketshare. 70% of computer marketshare is in the corporate market and Apple just isn’t interested in this. They could gain around 10% market share worldwide eventually but this could take a while.

  2. Paul Greatbatch Says:

    I think you will find that Apple will be making some interesting inroads in the enterprise market in the next three years.

  3. elenehan Says:

    I think there won’t be one company that will dominate over the other, I think it will end up being about a 50/50 balance between the two.

  4. Partners in Grime Says:

    Apple has been on a roll. Looking forward to what’s going to happen when they release iPhone 2 for the enterprise.

  5. floogen Says:

    I don’t think either will take over. I think that there will always be a compitition between who is better and that each will always have their pro’s. But isn’t that a good thing if there is compitition. They are fighting to make a better product so I can therefore spend my money more effeciently on exactly what I want. =)

  6. sgtroy Says:

    I agree with most of the people above me. Microsoft has too much of the market share for Apple to overtake them, at least in the near future. While Vista may have been a pretty big flop, I would be willing to bet that Microsoft extends its support for XP and gets cracking on its next OS. I get the feeling that they’ll learn from their mistakes and bounce back with a much better OS.

  7. Fleo Black Says:

    Die-Hard Mac fans will arguable say that Windows always copies off MacOSs. And die-hard Windows fans will say that Microsoft is innovative. However, in reality Microsoft still has 80% of the market share. Sad to say is it shrinking slowly and slowly. Maybe 25 years from now, Apple will have 79% of the market share and Microsoft will only have 21%. By that time Apple will be 50 years old. Hey a new company with a better OS will release their personal computer and then there will be three competitors.

  8. Fleo Black Says:

    Quicktime is actually the best format to view video on the web because of it’s integration with video editing software. But it is impractical right now because of the file formats. Most devices and pcs have window media player “builit in”. The reason Flash is starting to take over because it is not browsers dependent and it doesn’t need all that coding like wmv.

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