Surfing with comcast TV guide

Metaphors and analogies:

  • guides the user similar to an instruction manual
  • time displays with events that mimics a schedule or excel file
  • is formatted in the form of a grid
  • can see into the future like a crystal ball
  • from the guide you can go to the channel of your choice and works like a menu when ordering
  • surf through channels like a surfer through a wave  


  • ability to view and change channels
  • view future shows
  • have time slots, channels and shows all match accordingly
  • displays information
  • navigate with remote control


  • User must access the guide through hitting the guide buttons
  • user navigates through guide using arrow keys on remote control
  • to select desired channel hit enter on remote
  • exit button leaves guide without changing any setting


  • User can view all channels and what is showing
  • user can select channel they wish to view
  • can set reminders for shows they wish to see in future
  • can view what will be shown in the future


I have chosen to review using the channel guide on digital cable. Not everyone has used Tivo or DVr but im sure almost everybody has used a digital guide. The guide function is very similar to an excel spreadsheet with GUI aspects integrated. It allows the user to view and select different shows that are currently on and also to view shows that are going to be aired in the future. The learning curve is very easy for any person, even if they almost no technical background. This function has taken the printed tv guide that people used to buy in the grocery store and made it available on your tv whenever you need it.

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