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Attention: Uses different color shades to help change gradually. Orders items in a neat matter, avoiding clutter. Attention also goes from left to right, which corresponds with Learning as well.

Perception: buttons are easily distinguished from each other. They use common pictures to represent what they mean in the program. If you hover ‘above’ them then you can get the text about what they do. They also group into different categories using the tiny black separator bars.

Memory: It’s pretty easy to remember:  Press the button to ‘stumble’ to a new site. your favorite sites are stored with your user name also. You can still easily recognize all the buttons, you don’t have to type in any complex commands

Learning: The most simple button starts on the left, gets more complicated as you go to the right. As users get more comfortable with the interface, they can explore it more, but in the beginning you just need to press the first big button. It also has an easy video to help you learn.

Problem Solving: When you highlight a button, it gives you more info about it. The video also solves many hidden questions about the system.

soooooo now we just need you guys to comment on this, as well as the other blog post from digg. Will someone volunteer to consolidate everything together around 2 or 3 tomorrow? Corey and I both have class/work.

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