Good ideas.

After looking through all our ideas there are a few I really think we should consider.

– I really like the ability to easily see grade distribution. I think this would prove to be a valuable tool.
– Building location is another great idea and would really help new students.
– I think we should consider the automatic scheduling (had to bring up my idea 😀 )

Another idea I thought of that may be a little useful is a tool that helps the student figure out his standings in school related to credit hours..i.e how many have you taken compared to how many you should have taken at this point. It could help the students plan for the future and let you know if you should take that extra few credit hours on any given semester.

Anyways, I think we are on a really good start, let’s keep it up.

2 Responses to “Good ideas.”

  1. mjritter Says:

    Absolutely. I think we all have really good ideas. Tomorrow we should try and sort through all of the ideas and see if we can all settle on a few that we really, really like. Maybe we should do another survey, or have people look at a mock-up and see if they can understand what’s going on. Anyway, good group work–I’m excited to see what we come up with.

    In the same respect, a lot of people (esp. Freshman) will be using SIS this week to schedule so it’d be a great time to poll people on certain aspects of it.

  2. jonkinne Says:

    i agree with possibly making a survey or conducting another interview, i think this would be a great way to see which of these ideas has the best feedback, i think if we get time tomorrow we can decide on the best ideas the group came up with and crank out another list of questions. see you all tomorrow

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